Oregon Election Deadlines

October 13: Last day to register to vote.

October 14: Ballots mailed out to voters

October 27: Recommended last days to mail ballot for USPS delivery by Election Day.

November 3: Last Day to return ballot by Drop Box (before 8pm)

November 17: Last day to resolve a missing or non-matching signature.

Election Day Countdown

2020/11/03 01:53:01

Freedom Believers Unofficial Ballot Drop-Off Sites

Dropping off your ballot at your county election office is the most secure path to making sure your ballot is safely counted. If you don’t know where your county election office is or don’t have time to drop it off, let us do that for you. We will have two conveniently located ballot drop off sites in Silverton and Monitor over the next two weekends. If you want to make sure your ballot is safe and secure, drop it off there and we will take care of it for you.

Voter Guide

Are you staring at your ballot at a bunch of random names you have never heard before and you know you need to vote on one but you don’t know what political issues the candidates support so you are not sure who to vote for?

Don’t worry! Check out our easy to read voter guide for Marion County and Clackamas County in Oregon.

Voter FAQ

What if my ballot doesn't come in time?

Your ballot will automatically be mailed out to you between October 14th and October 20th. If you have not received your ballot packet by October 23rd, call your county elections office.

How do I return my ballot?

You can return your ballot by mail or take it to any county elections office or official dropbox. You can find the nearest dropbox, along with a map of how to get there at this link or by contacting your county elections office.

If you can not make it to the ballot boxes, Freedom Believers is also offering unofficial locations for ballot drop-off in Silverton, Oregon and Monitor, Oregon. Click Here For More Information.

Does my ballot need a stamp?

No. If you are mailing your ballot no stamp is necessary because the postage has been prepaid by the state.

How can I track my ballot?

As a registered voter, you can track the status of your ballot at this link here.

Why do I have to sign the outside of my ballot return envelope?

Your signature is a security measure used to verify identity. County personnel who have received training in forensic handwriting analysis compare it to signatures in your voter registration record. Your ballot may only be counted if the signatures match.

If your signature does not match the county will notify you. You will have until 14 days after the election to prove you were the one who signed the envelope.

Oregon Ballot Measures

You won’t just be voting on people on your ballot but also possible changes that will be happening locally. If you have an opinion on any of the issues below, make sure you are registered to vote to make sure your opinion has a voice. Remember, YOU can be the change you want to see in your world.

Where Do They Stand?

Presidential Race

Oregon Secretary Of State