Oregon Measure 108

What Is It?

It increases taxes on tobacco products and inhalant delivery systems (such as e-cigarettes) at the following rates:

  • cigarette tax at 16.65 cents per cigarette, which is an increase from $1.33 to $3.33 per 20-pack of cigarettes;
  • e-cigarettes and other nicotine inhalants at a rate of 65% of the¬†wholesale sales price; and
  • cigar tax cap of 65% of the wholesale sales price, not to exceed $1.00 per cigar, an increase from $0.50.

Under the ballot measure, revenues would first be dedicated to the administration and enforcement of the tax. The remaining revenue would be dedicated to the Oregon Health Authority for medical and healthcare-assistance programs, including mental health services, tribal health providers, including Urban Indian Health Program, and other programs concerning tobacco and nicotine health issues.