“I don’t need to vote again. I already voted once in 2020.”

Not many know that there are in fact two elections in 2020 in Oregon. The first election is called the primary election and the second election is called the general election.  What is the difference between the two?

Primary Election

When: May 19, 2020

During this election, you will vote between several different candidates in your registered party. The person who wins the majority of votes during this election will be up for election again in the Primary election. This time that person will be run against the person who wins the general election candidacy of the other party.

General Election

When: November 3rd, 2020

During this election, Oregonians will vote once again in favor of the candidate they believe will best fit that position.

Because Oregon has ‘Closed Primaries’ each voter will receive a ballot that has only the names of the candidates within their registered party. That means that in each election the candidate that wins the most votes between the different parties will win the election.

Are You Ready For This Election?

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